Configuring Polls

Poll Type

  1. Single choice
    Each user can choose exactly one option

  2. Multiple choice
    Each user can choose multiple options but at least 1

  3. Point Distribution
    Define a number of points each user can distribute over all options.
    A user can spend 0 or all points on an option, but the sum of all points spent cannot exceed the limit defined in the Settings.

Example for Distribution Points:
There is a poll with 10 distribution points and 4 options.
A user could spend 2 points on Option A, 0 points on Option B and 4 points on Option C.

Start at

Choose a date on which the poll starts. It’s possible to view the poll before the date, but voting is only allowed after the specified date.

End at

If you enter an end date the Instant Poll is automatically closed on this date. This way you don’t have to close polls manually and your users know that there is a time limit to vote.

Advanced Configurations


When polls are extendable, users can add their own options to the poll. This also applies if the poll is already open for votes. This option can be useful when you are brainstorming.
For a example: A new name for a product

Votes are editable?

When set to “Editable”, users can change their minds and click “Edit” and adjust their vote.
When set to “Fixed“ this is not possible.

Results are visible…

When set to “always” all users can all the time check the Instant Polls result.
”after vote” removes this toggle option and only views the results after the user voted.
”after poll ended” makes results visible when the poll ended by date or was closed manually.


When set to “Public” users can see the poll in the global navigation modal.
When set to “Hidden” users cannot find the poll, unless the unique link is shared with them.

If you embed a poll on a page that is visible for everyone, this does not apply. The poll will then always be visible.