Service Monitoring


Easy monitoring integrated into Jira and Confluence

Register your services and define how to monitor them. Get notified in Confluence and optionally by email when the service is down. Make the current status visible in your Confluence pages.



Register your services

  • ping a server ip or hostname

  • check websites or web applications and their SSL cerficicates by CURL

  • internal services like a self hosted Gitlab

  • DNS entry resolutions

  • email servers

Configure the monitoring by setting the interval and defining a timeout.

Visualize the status

Embed the service status with a macro into the services Confluence page.

For a overview of all services use the built-in monitoring dashboard. There is even a standalone option to put it onto a static display in your office.

Get notified and fix problems

Define responsible users for a service or emails to be notified when things break. On the custom service page you can see all incidents and see in detail what went wrong.

Let users mark incidents as handled/resolved and let them use the comment feature on incidents to communicate.



Language Support

  • English

  • German