Embedding Macro

It's super easy to embed an Instant Poll into your Confluence page. Just open the custom macro editor by searching for “Instant Polls' in the macro search.

The custom macro editor let's you choose to create or choose an existing poll to embed.

Create a new poll

The same set of forms as in https://ant-tech.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/IP/pages/46497900/Configuring+Polls is used. After creating the poll, you can continue with the macro configuration.

Choose an existing poll

  • Select the list for the poll, you want to embed by searching for the polls title.

  • You can open the standalone version to review before embedding by clicking “View”

  • Click “embed” to proceed with the configuration.

Configure the macro

With these options you can adjust the macro to fit your needs:

Render mode

Inline (recommended):
This mode is optimized for an immersive integration into confluence pages. It also recommend for usage inside other page elements like column layouts.

This mode is equivalent to the display on the standalone poll page.

Override chart type *

With this option you can override the chart type that is defined in the poll settings.

Override chart color *

With this option you can override the chart color that is defined in the poll settings.

*Consider changing the poll settings instead. Overrides are made for polls that are embedded in multiple pages.


Make use of Hover Actions

When you hover an embedded Instant Poll you can access the Hover Actions.

The hover actions allows users to quickly edit their vote and to open the standalone page of the poll. As a Confluence administrator or as the owner of the poll you can also quickly open the settings and adjust the poll. Check outhttps://ant-tech.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/IP/pages/46563623/Actions#Edit-Poll to see what you can modify.